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Written with passion for amazing results!
Fun Mother Daughter Team Offer Fantastic ResultsAuthor, knowledgeable foodie, and Transfer of Health founder, Tiffany Youngren, and her “elite athlete,” spunky, teen daughter, Miranda Youngren, team up to provide the Better Body Wannabe Bundle, an innovative approach to weight loss that focuses on the measurable results of increased energy, improved mood, and reduced pain. This was not written for the sculpted bodies we see everywhere; it is for regular people who find themselves in line at the drive thru and buying canned and boxed food for dinner, wondering how it is even possible to eat healthy while living a real life. It works, and it is for you.


Don’t give up on your New Years Goals!!

Now there are no excuses to not look hot and sexy in 2015.

What You’ll Get with the Better Body Bundle:

Get a Better Body Now1. EBook with 12 of the Most Amazing, Diverse Trainers

Every person in our test group who read this groundbreaking book had their own excuse for not working out. EVERY person improved their habits before even getting to Chapter 5! 12 diverse trainers, so you will definitely connect with the patterns and variety!

The Book will Empower You to Take Action:

MaryToo cold to leave the houseBegan exercising again at home.
RandomToo busy to work out every day.Was encouraged that even working out a few days a week helps a lot.
MichelleNot sure, but wants to get healthier.Worked out to Gilad’s videos on YouTube.
SandyToo much pain, too difficult to work out.Joined the local gym and the VIP Food & Fit Club with a friend.
DawnJust can’t get motivated to work out.Walks more, “increase in exercise” and eats better.


Top Healthy Recipes and Tips2. Exclusive Recipe eBook

It Unveils the Mystery of Great Food that You Can Eat!

I love this Ebook – EXCLUSIVE to this Better Body Wannabe bundle. Not only does it give you our Top 10 recipes, but you’ll also gain access to the food philosophy that works for even foodies like us. We just couldn’t stop at 10, so we added EXTRA recipes, flour mixtures, we reveal our favorite morning juice, and OTHER BONUSES!


3. BONUS: Meal Plans & Grocery List Templates to Fit Your Lifestyle

Meal Plans that Absolutely WORK

There is really nothing to lose. If the recipes don’t give you healthy, delicious foods you love, and if you don’t make at least one lifestyle change before you even finish Chapter 4 of “Better Body Wannabe,” you are guaranteed a refund if you are unsatisfied and request it within 60 days. Our relationship with you is the most important thing, and we want to be part of your journey along the way! We can’t do that if your not 100% happy, and hey, it’s only $14.99, so what are you waiting for? ~ Tiffany

A Super Affordable, Proven Bundle

Developed for people just like you (and like us) who

1 Don’t have the time

2 Can’t leave the house

3 Want a good workout, even if just 3 days a week

What you WILL do

  • Reduce Pain
  • Feel better within a week
  • Start to feel proud of yourself in two weeks

What you WON’T do

  • Count calories
  • Obsess about weight (unless you want to)
  • Have to see countless selfies of six-pack abs and naked butts

What Readers Have to Say:

I really enjoy the variety of trainers. Not just because of the additional information and advice, but because it shows you can come from any background. It also shows that people have more that motivates them than an image. Anything can motivate a person, we don’t have to be stuck in a box. Plus, hearing their stories and tips helps me evaluate and learn what a better body means to me. You start thinking of things you didn’t before, and it changes your perspective a bit. For instance, I recently told myself I am committed to working out every morning and completing p90. However, Christian and I are going through some financial struggles right now, . I have been working longer days, and have only been able to eat dinner most days (due to.a busy schedule) So when I missed a couple days this week I didn’t beat myself up over it. Instead I told myself working out a few times a week is probably better right now since my intake is less than normal. It’s very encouraging Random M.

The nice thing about it is that you can actually change at any time of your life.” This quote from the book is so inspiring to me, a 50’s gal who wants to get healthy, but tends to put off exercising. And while I probably wouldn’t use a gym, I definitely need a push in the right direction to get me out of my computer chair and moving on a daily basis. I felt the trainers–and the author–provided realistic suggestions to combat my put-it-off-until-tomorrow philosophy and challenged me to believe I CAN get healthy.Mary H.

An inspiring guide from some of today’s innovative workout professionals – made me get off the couch and get moving! Thank you, TiffanyMichelle Q.

Throw all your doubts, fears, obstacles… away. Wannabe feel better?! Take a look at this very motivating book. I am usually intimidated by this type of book. I like being active, but exercise or even hinting at it? yuk, I am not an athlete, and never wanted to be. But this book has you ready to slough off any myths of what it means to be “fit,” and “eat healthy.” It is encouraging and insightful information from people that are, and is encouraging to us who are not. It is just as it says in the title, “Wannabe?” Here are real life steps to taking control, and being able to see can and has been done, instead of what cannot, and was not done. I love this. Every time I read it I find yet another lovely tidbit to help me stay focused on what my true goals are. Dawn M.

I love Tiffany Youngren’s breezy style of writing. The book was well organized. She gave an overview of each trainer, wrote the narrative by each one and then summarized with the top 12 hints to success from each one. I was not only inspired to get into training at a gym, but also to begin eating in a more healthy way…which is quite a feat for a 69 year old. She makes the journey for life changes fun and easy. this is different from other healthy lifestyle books I have read, in that she explores many approaches, so you can pick and chose the points that make sense for you. Fun reading page turner. Emily H.




Welcome Letter


The Movement

About the Food


1. Sick Soup

2. Gluten Free Artisan Bread

3. Papa’s Skinny Hots / Swedish Pancakes / Crepes

4. Wild Game (or Beef) Sausage

5. Beet Salad

6. Cream of Asparagus Soup

7. Morning Sunrise Juice

8. Breakfast Potatoes

9. Gluten Free Chicken Strips

10. Power Granola

BONUS: Pico de Gallo

BONUS: Gluten Free Flour Mixture

BONUS: Vegetable Broth

BONUS: Dairy Free Cheesy Cashew Dip



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Better Body Wannabe eBook

Better Body Wannabe - the BookWhat it’s about:

  • Going from being a “wannabe” to “yeah, baby!”
  • Making simple changes that stick
  • Gathering information from many sources
  • Finding ways to make wellness affordable
  • Adopting a “can do” attitude
  • Valuing the opinions of professionals who also value the opinions of other professionals…

The Better Body Wannabe eBook is a sampling, I would say, of what some of today’s brightest, finest, most dedicated and most helpful health experts have to say about what you eat, how you move and why achieving a healthy weight is the one investment we can all afford to make — and can’t afford not to make! The 12 Trainers: I have been so fortunate in finding twelve elite health experts, authors, bloggers, and personal trainers to interview for this groundbreaking book. They are knock-out gorgeous on the outside, beautiful on the inside, represent a generational spectrum, and generously offer all they know about how to live life to its fullest. It’s an eclectic group of people who are friendly, helpful and kind; I’m just sure you’ll find all of them informative while you zero in on a few who you specifically connect with. Want a better body? Learn the secrets that hot bodies know that will reduce the number of dimples you have on your butt, slow the jiggle in your arms, and make your abs look tighter in just four weeks.


Better Body Wannabe Bundle

Better Body Wannabe is a project from Transfer of Health, by Tiffany Youngren. The eBook is a simple guide told straight from the mouths of some of today’s hottest health and fitness experts in a way that very simply, but bluntly, gives you the basics about what, when, where, why, and importantly how to start living your life the right way, the healthy way, in order to achieve a Better Body!

I wrote this book because once upon a time health, diet and fitness were like three blind mice that I chased, ignored, chased, ignored, then chased again. I wrote this book because my transformed relationship with all three saved my husband’s life and, in the process, turned mine around. I wrote this book because I wish someone had written this book for me way back when.Tiffany Youngren
The recipe eBook gives you 10 of the top recipes on (and in the Youngren kitchen) — well, actually more than 10. Plus, there are some special bonuses — the Transfer of Health philosophy and a couple extra recipes! P.S. You know what it’s like to start something. Those who are there from the beginning hold a special place in your heart. We feel the same way, which is why we want to give you a little “sumpthin’ sumpthin” just for checking out our website.

Our “Thank You” just for Visiting:

Table of Contents and Trainer Bios links above open the .pdf of those sections of the book. Enjoy!


You will get immediate, direct access to download the .pdf’s of Better Body Wannabe and the exclusive Transfer of Health Top 10 Recipes once purchased.

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